Hot Summer Nights

J Cash Vs. Derek St. Holmes Signed for MKE Hot Summer Nights!

MKE Hot Summer Nights-cash holmes

Making their debut in MKE Wrestling is a man who is no stranger to the ring and has wrestled all over the Midwest and the West Coast. J Cash, who is a 16 year veteran will go toe-to-toe with another well known Wrestler from the Milwaukee area in Derek St. Holmes. While J Cash has the size advantage and a tough as nails attitude, Derek St. Holmes is well trained in the mat game and is known for being one of the best technicians in the wrestling business. This is sure to be a match of science vs brute force.

Hot Summer Nights

Tag Team Match Signed for MKE Hot Summer Nights

The Foley brothers are definitely a breed of their own kind and that showed when they called the MKE Wrestling office demanding they be put in a tag match on June 22.  Corporal Robinson was quick to answer this challenge and said he would be joined by his young protege Blazzing Ben.  At MKE The Next Chapter the Foley’s were disqualified when they brought a chair into the 3-Way Tag Elimination Match.  With Corporal Robinson not being a stranger to using a chair himself, this match could quickly get out of hand.

MKE Hot Summer Nights-foleys