Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

Dysfunction Vs. Mason Beck in a Milwaukee Street Fight!

MKE Rules - street fight

This has to possibly be the one match were there is no real true advantage.  This has got to be as 50/50 as it gets. While Mason Beck is all around a bigger man than Dysfunction.  He also has been known to have some freakishly crazy strength accomplishments that even wows people within the fitness industry.  To most that would seem like a done deal. But the fact is when it comes to street fights Dysfunction has a much more storied history.  In fact he built his name in matches that had no rules, no disqualification.  Matches that left both men battered and left with scars that will make them never forget what happened. After July 20th I have a feeling this is a match NO ONE will be quick to forget.

7/20/18 – Rules Are Meant To Be Broken – Doors at 6:30 | Bell Time 7:30

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